We are committed to challenging inequalities In our neighbourhood and building new approaches to transform our community through collaboration and action.

Inspired by the collective response during the pandemic, we recognise that old ways of working are no longer effective in addressing unprecedented challenges. We need to shift power imbalances, build better structures for local decision making, and work to build sustainable long term solutions within the neighbourhood.

We Walworth

We Walworth serves as an example of this transformative way of working in our neighbourhood. Focusing on building a methodology to mobilise residents and organisations to action on local issues, We Walworth brought together residents, practitioners, professionals, and government representatives to work together on these challenges. 

The Neighbourhood Food Model

The Neighbourhood Food Model is a long-term vision for the neighbourhood and its food system. The Neighbourhood Food Model is made up of a set of projects and partnerships to test interventions and understand the best ways to accelerate change. It also includes the infrastructure to support learning and collaboration.

The Walworth Group

The Walworth Group is an independent group of voluntary organisations, community groups, service providers, housing associations and other organisations that operate in Walworth, committed to working collaboratively in Walworth.

By challenging traditional models, embracing innovative approaches to collaboration and partnership, and sharing learning, we strive to create lasting change in our neighbourhood.

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