Welcome to Pembroke House

For over 130 years we’ve been building a better neighbourhood in Walworth. A neighbourhood where people can lead good lives and work together for a good society.

Working with the community, we provide space for people to learn, eat and enjoy life together, and take collective action on local issues.

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Walworth Living Room

The Walworth Living Room is a space for our community. Come to say hello!

What’s on

  • Participate

    Do you want to participate in a vibrant community full of people involved in the neighbourhood? From helping out with our Community Fridge or joining a new food buying cooperative, there are lots of ways to get involved.

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  • Take Action

    Whether is it joining a resident’s working group to save the Barbeques in Burgess Park, building a vision for a revived East St Market, or joining a Community Pub group, there are lots of ways you can take action on local issues.

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  • Collaboration and Partnership

    Find out more about how we bring together radical collaborations of residents, groups, and organisations, local government and research institutions and campaigning organisations.

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