Pembroke House in the press

Since the end of March, 100 Pembroke House volunteers have delivered over 20 tonnes of food hub to local people in need. Thanks to their heroic efforts, our food distribution hub has been featured in the local and national press:  

The Daily Mirror 

This story, penned by Pembroke House resident Anthony Blair, was part of the Mirror’s series on ‘Coronavirus heroes’. Mike Wilson, our Executive Director, spoke about Pembroke House’s long history supporting the community in Walworth:

‘Throughout our history, Pembroke House has stood ready to use one of our great assets – our building – to help the community in times of crisis. 

‘During the Second World War, we became an air-raid shelter. Fortified by blast walls, our hall sheltered 250 people from falling bombs.

‘Walworth has always been a community that’s pulled together in tough times and it’s amazing to see the neighbourhood come together at this time of crisis as well.’

Southwark News 

Our local paper published this article last month. Rich Mason, a Pembroke House resident who led our work to set up a network of volunteer cycle couriers, said this to Southwark News:

‘For the past few months I’ve been thinking about how to create a more ethical food delivery service in London, and when the coronavirus crisis came along, I was poised to jump into action.’

The Daily Mail

And finally, we were featured in the Daily Mail’s podcast on 20 May. You can hear Mike and Rich being interviewed about the distribution hub from 16 minutes in.   

Thanks to all our amazing volunteers for making the food hub possible!

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