Help us tackle food insecurity in Walworth

Since March, hundreds of Pembroke House volunteers have come together and delivered over 90 tonnes of food to thousands of local people.

But we believe that while this model of food aid is necessary in extraordinary times, it’s a scandal in ordinary times.

We want to push for the changes needed to bring about a more just and humane society where food aid is not needed.

This vision isn’t new. But too often in the past, people, organisations and institutions have worked independently rather than together.

We all have a part to play. But we need to work together in new ways to make a difference.

So we want to test a new approach.

We want to bring people together who wouldn’t normally meet to ask:

How can we build a neighbourhood that works together to tackle the root causes of food insecurity: poverty and inequality?

This is the start of a different type of conversation. A conversation about the future where everyone is invited.

Whatever your connection to Pembroke House—whether you’re a local, a volunteer, a food bag recipient, a partner, a donor or a Pembroke College Member—and whatever your experience or expertise, your voice matters.

This event will take place over the free video calling app, Zoom. RSVP here to receive instructions on how to attend the event and how to set up Zoom if you haven’t used it before.

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