New funding supports digital access to dance

We are very excited to be starting a new project to increase the digital access of participants in our Inclusive Dance programme! 

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been running our classes online. Whilst we have adapted and tried to make them as exciting and accessible as possible, many individuals have still faced difficulties in joining – either because they didn’t have the right equipment, or needed help in using it. 

We are hugely grateful to the Peter Sowerby Foundation who are funding the project. It means we can do things like:

  • Dedicating time to improving our classes while we’re still running online.   
  • Providing participants who can’t access the class with technological devices such as tablets or laptops. 
  • Giving 1-2-1 support on how to use the devices and get online.
  • Building a brand new accessible website with lots of extra activities so participants can interact and join in with dancing outside of our classes!

We are really looking forward to what this year brings and how we can play our part in improving the digital access of our participants.

We are excited to share our learning and will feedback on this process as it unfolds.

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